When inspired vision meets inspired charity,
lives are changed forever


You’re likely asking why INTEGRIS? Why is a healthcare organization worthy of my generosity?

Here’s how.

We believe philanthropy possesses the ability to be revolutionary. When inspired vision meets inspired charity, lives are changed forever. By reflecting on what gives you meaning, you give rise to a personal passion that continues giving long after its initial genesis. A gift to healthcare - particularly a non-profit healthcare system in your own backyard - possesses the potential to dramatically improve the health of our communities and loved ones, cascading into improved wellness for the generations who follow.

Let us show you.

Imagine for a moment philanthropy investing in cutting-edge fertility treatments, like those at INTEGRIS’ Bennett Fertility Institute, where gifts do not simply represent a much dreamed for baby – they represent a fundamental change agent leading to a new generation. This is revolutionary philanthropy hard at work, and it all began with passion.

Your passion is personal.

It’s a personal extension of where you leave your charitable imprint. From cancer to rehabilitation or hospice to pediatrics, support of many worthy causes takes shape at INTEGRIS in the form of equipment, programs, renovations and creation of meaningful spaces where lives are changed and saved forever. 

And we’re doing it at home.

An investment at INTEGRIS is an investment in the health of Oklahoma’s mothers, children, grandparents, friends, neighbors and loved ones. And you can feel good your gifts are not only caring for those whom you love most, they’re creating healthier, more vibrant communities for us all.

A sense of community naturally fosters generosity.

You see, at INTEGRIS, we don’t aim simply to save lives – we want to change and inspire a renewed sense of hope and purpose through our care and our philanthropy. By believing that philanthropy – at any level – improves how quality healthcare is given and received forever, we are emboldened to nurture private support that improves the quality of life for others.

Ours is a noble journey we’re humbled to perpetuate. And it’s a journey that challenges those seeking a meaningful legacy to consider joining this revolutionary movement. We are at the crossroads of life’s most challenging and invigorating moments. Your philanthropy matters here, and we’re humbled to show you how.

Join us.

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