We are a state in crisis.

"Every single day I have between 600-900 Oklahomans who have been brave enough to ask for treatment. And every single bed in this state is full."

-Terri L. White, Oklahoma Commissioner of Mental Health & Substance Abuse


1 in 4

Oklahomans suffers from
mental illness



in the nation for
treating addiction



cause of death for ages
25 to 64 is addiction

BUT THERE IS HOPE. This is our story.

The calling is strong. The opportunity is before us.

The case for Support

The Genesis

In 2011, four visionaries gathered around an Edmond dinner table and began to dream.

  • An angry mother whose personal passion sought to jointly shatter the stigma her family had experienced and provide a local solution for her child and the thousands of other Oklahoma families who suffer.
  • A courageous physician who committed his life’s work to improving mental health medicine in tribute to a beloved mother who faced debilitating mental illness.
  • A heartbroken father on a personal quest to ensure no family would needlessly suffer through the loss of a child to addiction.
  • A passionate civic leader working daily to bring improved resources to more than a million Oklahomans needing mental health and addiction support.

They were four individuals from different backgrounds. Each had varied experiences in the mental illness and addiction community. Each understood profound heartbreak and isolation in their personal and professional journeys. Yet their resolve was unanimous: a radical solution was needed.

They dreamed it.

And that evening, Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery was born.

Guided by their passion toward the goal of creating a world-class solution for our friends, family members and fellow Oklahomans, they approached INTEGRIS to help develop an evidence-based treatment program that was novel in its adoption of integrated care, personalized medicine and measured outcomes. With its resources and expertise, INTEGRIS—called by their mission to improve the health of all Oklahomans—stepped forward with their strength of resources and expertise.


The Challenge

Oklahoma is routinely witnessing the devastating effects addiction has on individuals, their families and whole communities who suffer in the shadowy consequences of this terrible disease. Children are growing up without parents present, parents are burying their children, spouses having nowhere else to turn, and companies suffering significant workforce losses as employees struggle to maintain their jobs and households amidst crippling mental illness and addiction.

Whether with alcohol, drugs or prescription drug abuse, Oklahomans are struggling. In our state, overdoses have tripled since 1999. Yet, there are no integrated treatment and recovery programs in Oklahoma, or this region of the country, that address both the full spectrum of a patient’s condition including their addiction, as well as their mental and emotional state.

We know that addiction is a medical condition - a disease of the brain and no different than heart disease or diabetes - yet it is still shrouded in shame and secrecy; isolating families, demonizing patients, and stripping all of the crucial support needed to recover.

In fact, treatment and recovery have long been singularly focused on addiction therapy through fixed programs that have varying degrees of success. Longstanding addiction treatment methodologies have been helpful to some. However, as the medical field of addictionology has progressed, we now know that 60 percent of addicts also present with a mental illness and 80 to 90 percent report a history of traumatic life events. This realization—that addiction is not necessarily a manifestation from a singular cause, but one of a series of co-occurring conditions— requires a more sophisticated, personalized medical approach to treatment in order to be successful.

And this is where the Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS Center for Addiction Recovery treatment model begins.


The Solution

Every addict’s path is complicated. No journey is the same. Arcadia Trails INTEGRIS is unique in its mission to give equal treatment to addiction, mental illness and the underlying trauma through customized, world-class therapies pointing our patients in their right direction.

Addiction, mental illness and trauma are chronic and progressive brain-based conditions that effect a person’s thinking, emotional functioning, behavior and relationships. We believe these conditions are treatable and recovery is possible. Arcadia Trails will address the biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of recovery. We are committed to effective treatment through accurate diagnosis, a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team and a therapeutic environment that is conducive to healing.

Arcadia Trails strives to teach each patient to obtain a high-degree of literacy about his/her condition, work toward brain/body wellness, develop coping and life skills, learn to advocate and navigate in the recovery journey and nurture social support systems for successful living.

This is not one-size-fits-all medicine. We seek to meet our patients in their unique spaces – alongside their loved ones – leading and placing them on a path to hope and vibrancy.

Arcadia Trails will be rooted in respect, decency and world-class therapies based on the best of what science and medicine have to offer, culminating in evidence-based therapies treating all components of a disease simultaneously. We seek meaningful partners to build a first-class integrated treatment facility for addiction, mental illness and trauma right here in Oklahoma, which will lead to a healthier, more vibrant community for all.


Inspiring a Transformational Movement

Philanthropy plays a pivotal role in this project providing $35 million in private funding to support the $46 million project. It’s an audacious goal attacking one of Oklahoma’s largest problems. The demand for better, more comprehensive addiction treatment has been heard, and more than 150 donors have stepped forward to provide more than $23 million to fully fund the capital portion of the campaign. Philanthropy received from all over our great state – from Ardmore to Enid, Tulsa to Oklahoma City, Ada to Miami, Durant to Duncan – Oklahomans are stepping forward together to rally a solution that benefits us all.

Additionally, the INTEGRIS board of directors saw the merit of this project and allocated $10 million to support the construction of Arcadia Trails along with the land, valued at $1 million.

We celebrate our current success, but point our focus forward on the $12 million still remaining to build sustainable programs, education, outreach, national advocacy efforts as well as a robust patient assistance program that would provide bridge support to patients who have exhausted resources and need assistance to achieve the full scope of treatment.

Project needs are vast, and they require a community effort to be fully realized. This is where you come in.


We Need You

A dream of this size requires a village to unite in a transformational way. Consider joining our village – on behalf of the angry mothers, heartbroken fathers, courageous physicians, and passionate civic leaders – and a tribe of more nearly 200 supporters to change the hearts and minds of our communities.

Consider how we could improve treatment options available for mental health illness and addiction by simply shifting the lens – and doing it together.

What if we could address not only the illness and recovery, but also trauma through an integral, innovative treatment approach? What if we could promote a lifetime of emotional wellness that treats an entire person, not just the disease? What if an integrated treatment understands addiction is a family disease, and includes family members alongside a patient’s treatment? And imagine doing it all at home.

It’s possible. Success is within our grasp. And it’s possible to achieve this success right here at home.

Oklahoma deserves it.

And our roar will rise. And our ranks will grow. And we will shift the treatment and perception of these scientifically-proven brain diseases toward hope and healing through the most advanced medicine programs offered. And we will do it in lockstep as concerned citizens – as Oklahomans.

Our dream is large, but the reward has the potential to create a tidal wave of positive change for our communities which will affect us all. They are worth it. Future generations are worth it. Let’s begin.

Join us.


Learn more about our treatment model and campaign details.