Our Philosophy

Research has shown it takes the brain 45 days to rewire and redirect addictive behaviors. Armed with this understanding, our clinical team has built a treatment model to reflect this research which includes teaching navigation and coping skills post-discharge to ensure the greatest success and minimizing relapse.

Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery will provide an integrated approach to treatment and recovery from addiction, mental illness, and trauma using a framework that will guide all phases of care: Evaluation, Treatment and Aftercare.

Treatment Goals

With Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction Recovery, we set out to create a new paradigm rooted in four goals:

1 Create an evidence-based treatment program that simultaneously addresses the three co-occurring conditions that 60% of addicts struggle with—addiction, mental illness and trauma

2 Dedicate a portion of the facility and programming to community outreach and professional education

3 Ensure patients can access the facility and the robust treatment by establishing a Patient Assistance Fund

4 House all of this in a world-class facility—one that is inspiring, contemplative and medically-supported, centrally located in Edmond for the entire state to use.

A complex problem requires a holistic solution.

Mental Illness

Our Program

Every addict's path is complicated.

No journey is the same. Arcadia Trails is unique in its mission to give equal treatment to addiction, mental illness and the underlying trauma through customized, world-class therapies pointing our patients in their right direction. 

This is not one-size-fits-all medicine. We seek to meet our patient in their unique space - alongside their loved ones - leading and placing them on a path to hope and vibrancy. 

And we're doing it right here at home.

Arcadia Trails will be a world-class treatment center pioneering a truly integrated, evidence-based program which is capable of serving the entire region, and, we believe, changing and restoring lives. 


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