Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care team provides spiritual support to patients, their families and hospital staff. Chaplains make rounds daily, and anyone may request a chaplain visit at any time.  Part of INTEGRIS' extension of healing and comfort is for the pastoral care team to coach and educate fellow Oklahoma clergy allowing for continuing education to be another hallmark of our compassionate care team. 

Project Spotlight

Creation of clergy conference and community events related to caring for people dealing with various issues of aging, such as retirement, life changes, medicine, illness, end-of-life decisions, dying, death and grief.  Impact: 300 clergy and community members annually

Caring through comfort & compassion. Make a gift to pastoral care.


Due to your generosity, eight conferences have been held this past year hosting more than 320 clergy and clinical staff. Topics included mental illness, ethics in a postmodern world, and coping with end of life decisions, which have given clergy and caregivers the education needed to help tackle these difficult subjects. Impact: More than 300 clergy and community members annually.

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