Jim Thorpe Courage Award Gala

The 2015 Courage Award Gala was an inspiring night and we thank you for your support of this year's event benefiting the therapies and programs at INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation.


Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Courage Award Gala Sponsors

Courage Award Gala Presenter ($25,000)
The Chickasaw Nation

Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Physicians

Dr. Amal Moorad & Kathey Sandler

Newby-Vance Mobility

Passion Challenge Presenter ($15,000)
INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary

Courage Award Visionaries ($10,000)
Whitten & Burrage / Mrs. Henry Freede / The Skirvin Hilton

Platinum Sponsors ($7,500)
Dr. Blake Kelly / Oklahoma City Thunder

Gold Sponsors ($5,000)
Ancillary Medical Solution / Asbury Medical Supply / Bank of Oklahoma / Blue Heaven Pools of Oklahoma City & Tulsa / Steve and Cathy Buchanan -- Buchanan Realty Group / Digestive Disease Specialists, Inc. / Durbin, Larimore and Bialick, P.C / Gaming Capital Group / INTEGRIS Heart Hospital / LeNorman Properties, LLC / Mathis Brothers Furniture / Southwest Orthopaedic & Reconstructive Specialists / Drs. Dawn & Andrew Tartaglione /  TEAMHealth / Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woodson

Silver Sponsors ($2,500+)
Ackerman McQueen, Inc. / American Fidelity Foundation--Bill & Barbara Durrett / Bank7 / Creative Planning / James R. Daniel / Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis / Gene & Jo Downing / The First State Bank / Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company / Hanger Clinic / Kidney Specialists of Oklahoma, PC / Kirkpatrick Bank / Laura Beth Murphy, Attorney / ProCure Proton Therapy Center / Scott Sabolich Prostethetics & Research Center, LLC / Dr. Ralph and Majorie Shadid / Stipe & Belote, LLP / VIKASA Capital / Roshan & Alisha Pujari 

Bronze Sponsors ($1,000+)
Oklahoma Blood Institute / Black Tie Valet Parking Service / David and Martha Hadley / Dr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Carey / Abel Law Firm / Beth and Howard Pauchnik / Mark W. Albert, Attorney at Law, PLLC / Dr. and Mrs. Mason Jett / Crowe & Dunlevy / Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation /  First Mortgage Company, Ron McCord / Lynn and Richard Horton / BC Clark Jewelers / Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Kershen / Dr. Jeff and Cathy Cruzan / Holloway Dobson & Bachman, PLLC / The Tate Family / Verizon Wireless / Keith & Terri Wilton / Chris & Julie Hammes / Mike Klemme Art & Photography / Orthopedic Associates / James & Kristee Moore / Room 22 / Dr. and Mrs. Ashish Masih / Dr. Alexander Koukhtaroff and Dr. Catherine Porter / Schlegel Bicycles / Merilyn Goodwin / Drs. Son and Thy Nguyen / Hardy & Kari Watkins / Dr. Jim and Kathi White / Dr. and Mrs. Philip Mosca / Dr. Michael Davoli / Dr. Atul & Bindu Walia / Anonymous / M.S. Wilson / Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryant / Tom James Company, Doug Echard / C.A.R.E. / Bruce & Donna Lawrence


Meet the 2015 Courage Award Winners

Sam Allton

Sam Allton’s voice was at a whisper when he arrived at INTEGRIS following a massive stroke. The road to recovery would be a long, tough one.  Allton’s stroke left him nearly speechless, nearly completely paralyzed on both sides of his body and with limited swallowing capability.

Beloved co-workers visited him regularly – his smile and good humor leading the way through grueling physical therapy sessions. The effect of Allton’s uplifting outlook was apparent as he began to eat a regular diet, hold telephone conversations with his children and regain use of both sides of his body. He can now even walk short distances with minimal assistance.

Now living in Tennessee with his daughter, Allton continues his therapy efforts and sends regular updates to his Oklahoma home about his persistent progress. 


Mac McCrory

Unable to walk after suffering the effects of multiple embolic strokes, Mac McCrory thought the worst was behind him. His physical therapy progressed as he relearned daily living activities, and he consistently completed tasks to improve his memory/recall awareness, also affected by the numerous strokes.

Although showing definite signs of improvement in all areas of his therapy, McCrory sustained another setback when he learned he would require cervical spine surgery. But this news didn’t deter his hard work to reach his goals.

Through the help of this therapists and the support of his family, McCrory accepted the challenge not only by facing his obstacles head on, but by encouraging other patients along their rehab journeys.

McCrory’s recovery continues as he is now able to walk independently and has regained use of his upper extremities.


Jason Wisdom

Jason’s life changed dramatically on Oct. 13, 2013. A mosquito bite left him paralyzed with one of the worst documented cases of West Nile virus.

After two months of exhausting hospital treatment in which he experienced cardiac arrest and a multitude of life-threatening respiratory issues, Jason was admitted to the INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation. Once a family man, entrepreneur and triathlete;  38-year-old Jason now required complete assistance. Eating was particularly worrisome since the threat of choking was ever-present.

His faith never wavering, Jason pushed himself in every aspect of his recovery. The consummate athlete, he participated fully in his sessions and even set personal goals on the side as his therapies continued.

From his discharge date on Feb. 21, 2014, Jason keeps in constant touch with his therapist friends to apprise them of his continued improvement, visiting the unit frequently to encourage others. Nearly one year to the day of his ICU arrival, he completed the INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Courage 5K Run. Although fatigued and tired due to back pain, he refused a wheelchair to finish.


Meet Last Year's Courage Award Recipients


Billy Wynne

February of last year, Paramedic Billy Wynne was the sole survivor of an EagleMed helicopter crash in Oklahoma City. Wynne suffered burns on 65 percent of his body; a broken ankle, leg, arm, ribs and a crushed spine and sternum. He underwent several surgeries and significant treatment for his injuries. Doctors made the tough decision to amputate his left leg and fingers. He now uses a cane to walk. After four months in hospital care out of state, Wynne was brought back to INTEGRIS just in time for the birth of his daughter just a floor above him. He is now home and continues to make remarkable progress.



Matt Grice

September of last year, Matt Grice, an Oklahoma City police officer, suffered a traumatic brain injury after being rear-ended by a moving vehicle going 65 mph while he was sitting at a stop light. Immediately following the accident, Grice underwent surgery for the bleeding in his brain and was put in a medically induced coma. Doctors prepared his wife and family for the worst and the prognosis was grim. A former UFC fighter, Grice was not one to give up and he put that fighting spirit into his recovery. After being in a coma for more than a month, he awoke with little to no memory and was wheelchair bound. After months of therapy at Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation, Grice is now a walking and talking miracle. Although he still has some short-term memory issues, Grice continues to make remarkable strides in his recovery.


E.H. Pittman

E.H. Pittman, a soldier with the 45th Infantry Brigade, had just returned from a year in Afghanistan when he went to work at the 7-Eleven in Moore. That evening, an EF5 tornado would come barreling down on the store where he was working and his life was changed forever. When the sirens sounded, Pittman rushed his co-workers and customers into the bathroom. He continued his heroic efforts by shielding those in most need – a young mom and her infant son. After the tornado had passed, Pittman was the first to be rescued. Upon being pulled from the rubble, he continued his efforts by telling rescuers where the others were located. Pittman had suffered critical injuries – severe wounds, fractured shoulder blades, collapsed lungs and a broken back. Although paralyzed, he continues to work toward his ultimate goal of walking again.


National Winner, Gary Linfoot

A highly decorated soldier, Gary Linfoot was a member of the U.S. Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). During his 19th combat tour in Iraq, his helicopter had a mechanical failure and crashed. As a result of his injuries, he was instantly paralyzed below the waist. After just three months of rehabilitation, Gary returned to duty as the officer in charge of the Special Operations Aquatic Training Facility. Gary served as an attack helicopter pilot in the army for 23 years before medically retiring in 2010 as a Master Aviator.  Today Gary lives in Nashville, Tenn. with his wife Mari and is back on his feet with the help of the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton.


Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to not only rehabilitating the body, but the mind also. The journey of recovery does not end when patients exit Jim Thorpe - it is only the beginning.Your generosity provides philanthropic support to several of our critical programs: Aquatics, Music Therapy, Assistive Technology Center, Patient Care Specialty Equipment, Brain Injury Specialty Room, Brain Injury Support Groups, Patient Home Evaluation, Community Re-entry, Professional Specialty Rehabilitation Training, Horticulture Therapy, Spinal Cord Injury Support Groups, Limb Loss Support Group, Therapeutic Recreation Program & Mobility Center. Learn more how you can support Rehabilitation.


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