The INTEGRIS Cancer Institute is more than a cancer treatment facility. It's a cancer treatment philosophy, treating the whole person, not just the disease. With six campuses across Oklahoma, we provide a holistic approach to fighting cancer – guiding our patients through their journey medically, as well as walking through it with them personally. Every case of cancer is unique and every patient’s needs are different. That’s why we offer more types of treatment and more specialists in every area of cancer. And that’s why no one else but INTEGRIS can claim more survivors of more types of cancer than anywhere else in the state.

Project Spotlight

In partnership with ICIO dieticians and the INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center Chef, a new program will provide one week's worth of meals for cancer patients who are beginning treatment as well as education on nutrition, grocery shopping and preparing meals throughout treatment.

 Impact: 300 cancer patients annually

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While suffering through the side effects of chemo and radiation, some patients are unable to purchase required medications. Oftentimes, if these adverse side effects are managed correctly, patients can better tolerate their cancer treatment regimens. 

Our first patient to use the medication assistance program lacked insurance
for colon cancer. One day, he needed to be hospitalized at Baptist Medical Center due to sepsis and pneumonia. Once he was discharged from Baptist and returning to INTEGRIS Cancer Institute, he became very ill and needed antibiotics to help tolerate the cancer treatment. These funds purchased his antibiotics, and he soon felt well enough to continue fighting his cancer.

Impact: 400 cancer patients

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