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Most of us never think about burns.

At least, not until we need life-saving care. For more than 40 years, the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center has been serving Oklahomans who suffer the unthinkable. Our aim is walking our patients back from survival to a vibrant, whole life.

An estimated 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention annually in the U.S. due to scalding, electrical, thermal or chemical accidents, occupational injuries and car accidents. Even e-cigarette explosions can cause deep burns. Nearly all of these people survive. And so, today, the focus is on improving qualify of life for people who survive shattering burns.

We have often discussed the devastating affects burn injuries have on the entire family. This desire to treat, heal, protect and honor these families motivates our care teams who serve both the patient and their family. Today, we are channeling that passion and desire to do more in a way that has enduring benefits for the future needs of the center and its patients. That desire drives our dream to create a permanent fund that would support the people and programs of the Burn Center forever.

Our History

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Since its opening, the Burn Center has expanded to become one of the largest adult burn centers in the United States, serving a six-state area. More than 20,000 patients have been treated at the center, plus another 100,000 outpatients. It is a 44-year legacy of compassion and leadership and a true testament to the vision of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, hospital administrators and concerned business leaders.

Now that legacy, under the guidance of Dr. Lentz, continues with a commitment to push the boundaries of burn therapy further. In an effort to improve access to care in Oklahoma, we have added telemedicine program for acute burns, that would allow physicians in local emergency departments or regional hospitals to consult directly with a burn surgeon before sending the patient to us. In addition, Lentz has brought a new-to-Oklahoma service through creation of a pediatric burn program. As a result of this vision, children suffering burn injuries will no longer have to be transported out-of-state to receive first-class, life-saving care.

These advancements have propelled our services even further to the benefit of all Oklahomans who need us. Still, our dreams are to do more.

The Genesis

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Dr. Lentz cast a vision to keep the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center on the national stage as one of the preeminent burn centers in the country providing a full spectrum of first-class care – to adults and children alike. This desire pushed us to elevate our dreams beyond day-to-day operations into growing the Center forever as a cutting-edge institute of record.

Burn Centers have the unfortunate distinction as “loss leaders” for a healthcare organization. They are typically non-revenue generating ventures. For these centers to thrive and grow, they rely heavily on philanthropic support to provide the margin of excellence needed to fund patient programming, education, equipment and other additive services. A team of visionary supporters joined forces last year to dream about the future of the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center and what could be done to provide permanent, sustainable support to the center in perpetuity.

The answer was simple – an endowment.

An endowment can provide for those needs that are known today and unknown tomorrow and would have the flexibility to benefit our patients forever. So our volunteers and philanthropists got to work.

Fueled by a $1 million lead gift from Dr. Silverstein and his wife Dr. Amalia Miranda and other anonymous donors, we are nearly halfway to our goal of $5 million.

These gifts have been placed in the R. J. Conway Jr. Burn Endowment Fund, and investment earnings will yield their first return to the Center this summer. Our ability to reach our $5 million target ensures our programs will have roughly $250,000+ in annual funds at its disposal to meet the needs of our patients, their families, staff and an ever-changing world of burn care in an unrestricted manner once fully funded.

The Opportunity

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We are seeking committed philanthropists to lock arms in support of the future of INTEGRIS’ burn programs. 

We are honored to continue caring for Oklahomans suffering from burn injuries when they need us most. Your generosity will stand as a meaningful reminder of the support given to families enduring the unthinkable with a gift that will live on in perpetuity through the burn endowment.

Thank you for helping us fulfill such a large vision that will change and save lives – both pediatric and adult – for our burn patients forever. We know we will continue to take many Oklahomans out of the darkness and shepherd them into the light during their burn journey. 

Your philanthropy and extraordinary kindness make it all possible.

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Endowment – providing enduring support benefitting all areas of the Burn Center forever

Continuing Education – ensuring our burn care teams have access to the highest-quality educational opportunities to provide the highest quality of care every day.

Program & Facility Enhancements – launch and grow innovative programs to support patients and families and expand prevention efforts. Additionally, endowment funding may fund renovations for future growth and modernization of clinical spaces.

Equipment – we seek to serve our patients with the most cutting-edge equipment to improve outcomes and ease suffering.

A comprehensive list of equipment and program projects are available upon request. Gifts to the Bright Hope Campaign will dually benefit the INTEGRIS Paul Silverstein Burn Center and INTEGRIS Children’s pediatric burn program.

"Burns are a family disease. When someone is burned, it affects the entire family." - Dr. Christopher Lentz

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Honoring Your Philanthropy

We would love to express our gratitude for a leadership level gift in a meaningful way. Please let us know if you desire any naming opportunities we could connect to your gift.