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Meet Braxton

Braxton Joe Shields

Our nonprofit hospitals are equipped with the tools to diagnose and treat patients experiencing life-threatening conditions.

Several years ago, Ashley gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jeremy. When he was only 17 months old, he passed away from an enlarged heart. Over a year later, Ashley gave birth to a healthy baby - Braxton.

One day, Ashley noticed Braxton experiencing similar symptoms as his late brother, so she immediately took him to an INTEGRIS E.R.

When they arrived, Ashley immediately voiced her concerns to Braxton's caregivers: she feared Braxton's heart was failing, just like Jeremy's heart. INTEGRIS caregivers then took immediate action to run tests and efficiently diagnose Braxton's condition.

An X-Ray finally confirmed the cause of the symptoms: Braxton had an enlarged heart, too.

With the emergency caregivers' quick work, Braxton survived! To this day, Braxton takes medication to manage his heart condition, and he's just like any other 5-year-old boy.


"Without INTEGRIS caregivers, our lives would be very different. I could be visiting two headstones." - Ashley, Braxton's mom