We believe in seeing impact with your own eyes.

We've gathered 25 high-need, high-impact projects spanning across INTEGRIS.  
 All they need is your support to become a reality.


2018 Project:YOU&I

AEDs for IMG Clinics

Heart attacks can happen at any time – with more than 400,000 sudden cardiac arrests occurring outside of hospitals in the U.S. every year. This year’s Project: YOU&I seeks to fund AEDs in all our IMG clinics across the state. By adding this technology to our clinics, we have the opportunity to save lives in a moment’s notice.

Impact: 1,000s of patients & clinic staff

Arcadia Trails

Patient Assistance Fund
Addiction is the #1 cause of death for young and middle-aged adults in our state. Beginning Spring 2019, this fund will provide financial assistance for those seeking addiction recovery at Arcadia Trails after their resources are exhausted

Impact: generations of Oklahomans

Care Coordination

Patient Assistance
This fund will allow the community care team to assist underserved South OKC patients by providing access to transportation, medication, basic living necessities and equipment to help these patients build a healthier lifestyle.

Impact: 100 patients


Infant Warmers
This project will fund a new Panda Radiant Warmer for our Special Care Nursery which provides a safe bed for sick and pre-term infants. The current radiant warmer is out of date and repair parts are no longer available.

Impact: 500-700 new babies


Ultrasound Imaging
An increasing number of patients are seeking cardiac care at Southwest Medical Center. To keep pace, this project will fund an ultrasound and imaging unit to replace one that is no longer serviceable. Securing a new machine will provide the best possible outcomes for our cardiac patients.

Impact: 1,920 heart patients each year

Mental Health

Healthy Coping Skills
Two projects at the Spencer Mental Health campus including: 1) Adding drinking fountains to outdoor recreation areas 2) Introduction of a token store and book cart to foster positive behaviors and healthy coping skills among pediatric patients.

Impact: 1,000 pediatric patients


Simulation Mannequin
By providing realistic clinical simulations to the interdisciplinary clinical provider team, this project will fund a high-fidelity adult manikin to teach early recognition and proper response to clinical emergencies.

Impact: 1,000s of patients benefit from the training providers receive


Free Therapy Clinic
As a part of the existing free medical clinic at Olivet Baptist Church, this project will expand the therapies provided by Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation including physical, occupational and speech.

Impact: 720 patients each year


Education Rooms
This project will outfit the YOU&I-funded transplant patient education rooms in Building C with technology and furnishings needed to create a comfortable place for patients to learn about their treatment plan.

Impact: 200 transplant patients


Brain Monitoring System
By providing insight into direct and patient-specific effects of anesthesia on the brain, the BIS™ brain monitoring system will help clinicians administer the precise amount of medication to meet the sedation needs of each individual patient, leading to greater patient comfort.

Impact: 100 burn patients each year

Children's Place

AEDs & Safety Equipment
With a goal to create a safer environment, this project will fund an AED for each child care site and in-depth training for staff members on health, wellness and safety. In addition, updating worn equipment to help maintain safe environments.

Impact: 530 children, teachers & staff


Embryologist Station
This innovative equipment will allow embryologists to serve patients more efficiently, minimize the wait for a workstation and increase services to patients without increasing staffing. Currently, the ICSI set-up is minimally serviceable, and new technology would augment fertility care.

Impact: 300 patients & families each year


Caregiver Support
Many patients using hospice services have no extended family support. This project will fund additional caregivers to spend time to offer emotional support, assistance and other tasks supporting hospice staff and volunteers. This support will touch the first steps of hospice admission into the final hours of life.

Impact: 104 patients & their families


Progressive Care
This project will continue the renovation efforts of Progressive Care patient rooms to create a modernized, healing environment improving patient experiences.

Impact: 1,300 patients each year

Pastoral Care

A Response to Violence
This project funds a seminar series of responding to cultural violence in our community. The series will be offered to both local clergy and clinical staff. Funding covers speakers, materials and programs.

Impact: 800 people

S.H. Academy

Training & Technology
This project funds two goals: 1) To expand professional development opportunities for teachers, and 2) Add technology experiences for kids through use of in-classroom education tools like smart boards.

Impact: 36 educators; 330 students

Women's Health

IBMC Women's Channel
This project will add a Newborn Channel at Baptist Medical Center, upgrading the current system providing important educational videos to families of newborns. The content will be available via in-room TVs and by streaming to personal devices.

Impact: 3,000 new parents


Medication Assistance
This project will provide financial assistance to newly diagnosed cancer patients for vital medications in metro cancer areas. To help alleviate discomfort in patients, these medications work to help them feel better over the course of their cancer treatment.

Impact: 400 cancer patients


Patient Experience
This project's focus is to improve the patient experience by strengthening communication: 1) A nurse call system in the Medical Surgery unit 2) New radio pagers for the Emergency Department 3) Updating all patient room whiteboards.

Impact: 1,000s of patients each year


"People-in-Need" Fund
This project will assist local patients and employees with costs for medication, health care needs, emergent situations, tragedies, financial crises or other unforeseen circumstances.

Impact: 50-75 people each year

Men's Health

Wellness Wise Guys
This project will increase the INTEGRIS Oklahoma City Community Clinic hours to one additional evening each month serving at-risk men and promoting access to health and wellness education.

Impact: 300 men


Ankle & Foot Orthotics
Since Medicaid will no longer pay for AFO braces, many adult patients with foot drop from various dystrophies and neuropathies will not have financial means to purchase their own. This fund will provide AFOs to these patients - improving quality of life.

Impact: 35-70 patients


Interactive Technology
By creating a more inviting atmosphere to ease children’s fears and encourage our pediatric patients to get active, this project will fund an interactive wall and floor modules within the pediatrics unit.

Impact: 2,500 children & families


Communication Devices
After a stroke, some patients experience aphasia and are unable to talk. This project will provide iPads loaded with a communication app, giving aid to patients who cannot verbally communicate with their families and clinical staff.

Impact: 52 stroke patients each year


Rocking Chairs
This project will replace the rocking chairs throughout the Yukon Women's Center. Many of the existing rockers have been decommissioned because of chipping wood and other safety concerns.

Impact: 850 newborns & mothers