We believe in seeing impact with your own eyes.

We've gathered 26 high-need, high-impact projects spanning across INTEGRIS.  
 All they need is your support to become a reality.


2019 Project YOU&I

Vision Screening Devices

Currently, most insurances will not reimburse for better forms of vision screenings for younger children. In IMG clinics, vision screenings with eye charts are provided reliably for kids ages 4 years and older. This project will provide access to photo-screening devices in each IMG family care and pediatric clinic to accurately test our youngest pediatric patients for vision disorders.

Impact: 1,000s of children

Arcadia Trails

Patient Assistance Fund
With plans to begin accepting patients in May 2019, this fund will provide financial assistance for those seeking addiction recovery at Arcadia Trails once their personal resources are exhausted.

Impact: Generations of Oklahomans

Care Coordination

Community Care Coordination
This fund will allow the community care team to assist underserved South OKC patients by providing access to transportation, medication, basic living necessities and equipment to help these patients build a healthier lifestyle.

Impact: 120 patients / yr


When high, fall-risk patients need 24/7 monitoring, a family member or caregiver must be present 100% of the time. To improve these patients’ safety, this project will fund two mobile TeleSitters that provide state-of-the-art, remote bedside monitoring.

Impact: 300 patients / yr


Commit 2B Fit
This project will provide caregivers with a convenient, cost-effective opportunity to exercise, reduce stress and improve overall health by providing an updated on-site fitness center to support our focus on caregiver wellbeing.

Impact: 400 Grove caregivers / yr

Men's Health

Barbershop Health Outreach
INTEGRIS Men’s Health University will use the familiar and safe space of men’s barbershops to promote health and prevent illness. Through education and monitoring, caregivers will refer to appropriate health access, fitness and wellness classes.

Impact: 175+ men / yr


Reusable, Non-Invasive Ventilators
This project will allow the purchase of non-invasive ventilators for neuromuscular patients at Southwest Medical Center. This equipment is critical to enhance the quality of life for our ALS patients.

Impact: 24 patients


Children's Play Spaces
Play is critical to a child’s well-being and healing. A dedicated play area will help distract our littlest patients from the trauma of hospitalization with fun activities! Currently, with very little space for inpatient kids to play, this project will create dedicated play areas throughout INTEGRIS Children’s.

Impact: 4,000+ kids & families / yr


Indigent Stroke Care
This project will help provide the necessities that our at-risk patients need. Many cannot afford to purchase medications on their own or equipment like wheelchairs, walkers or ramps within the home. This fund will help improve the quality of life of our patients.

Impact: 50 stroke patients this year


Vein Finders
This fund will purchase four vein finders to allow nursing staff to more easily place difficult IVs, resulting in less pain to our patients, less chance of IV infiltration, and safer, more efficient care.

Impact: 2,500+ Canadian Valley patients / yr


Patient Education and Safety
This project will fund the creation of custom videos to equip our patients with the most helpful education about their specific condition. Additional funds will advance our clinical safety efforts.

Impact: 7,600 patients / yr

Children's Place

Video Cameras and Safety Equipment
In our effort to always improve the safety of the children entrusted to our care, this project will fund new indoor and outdoor security cameras and improve fencing. Additional funds will add shade and new secure storage to our outdoor spaces.

Impact: 400 kids / yr


Security Cameras
This project will fund 26 new, outdoor cameras to provide a more secure environment for patients, visitors and caregivers throughout facility parking lots and walkways surrounding the buildings.

Impact: 100,000 patients and visitors / yr


Portable Ultrasound Machine
In the critical care population, immediate vascular access is crucial to survival. This project will fund a portable ultrasound machine and allow caregivers to more accurately place IV catheters to perform blood draws and use advanced ultrasonography on patients when needing quick IV access.

Impact: 3,000+ patients / yr

Mental Health

Outdoor Space Renovation and Patient Recreation
This project will fund a remodel of the cafeteria courtyard at INTEGRIS Mental Health – Spencer to create a safe, outdoor haven for both group therapy and recreation. Additional funds will also enhance outdoor spaces and will fund active outdoor recreation activities.

Impact: 1,000+ mental health patients


High Fidelity Obstetrical Manikin
By providing realistic clinical simulations to the interdisciplinary clinical provider team, this project will fund a high-fidelity obstetrical manikin to teach proper response to clinical emergencies.

Impact: 1,000s of future patients / yr


Bilingual Provider Development Program
With Oklahomans speaking more than 100 different languages, providing culturally and linguistically sensitive care can be a challenge. This project will implement a program providing Jim Thorpe caregivers with tools to develop communication skills and confidence in a second language.

Impact: 100s of staff & 1,000s of patients


Patient Family Lodging
Transplant patients need the positive support of their families to help heal and recover. This project will provide comfortable lodging for two, out-of-town transplant patient families every day this year.

Impact: 2 families every day - for 365 days this year


Monarch Haven and Renewal Garden
Nature can be a significant healing element for patients and their families. Phase I of this garden project will create an eco-friendly butterfly sanctuary at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute to help our patients manage stress, reduce anxiety, and restore the mind.

Impact: 46,000+ patients and families / yr



Fall Mats
This project will add a layer of safety for every patient at INTEGRIS Deaconess by replacing antiquated floor mats with new, beveled edge mats in all inpatient rooms. Included in this new mat “rollout” will include updated caregiver education and training.

Impact: 36,000+ patients / yr


IVF Incubators
Incubators are critical for maintaining a constant and clean environment for eggs and embryos. This year's project funds newer, advanced incubator units resulting in higher accuracy and improved patient care.

Impact: 200 patients & families / yr


Patient Sitter (Phase II)
Many patients using hospice services have no extended family support. This project will continue to fund patient sitters that will offer additional emotional support to patients, assist in patient care and other tasks supporting hospice staff and volunteers. This service will not replace or minimize the hospice services that are currently provided.

Impact: 100+ patients / yr


Progressive Care (Phase II)
This project will continue the renovation efforts of Progressive Care patient rooms to create a modernized, healing environment and improve patient experiences. Improving the facility and caregiver work-space is greatly needed to give vital patient-facing clinical areas a much-needed update.

Impact: 1,300 patients / yr

Pastoral Care

Tough Issues for Tough Times
This funding allows us to offer continuing education for clinical staff and clergy through a seminar series on the topics of racism, poverty, sexuality, addiction and other issues that impact our ability to relate to and better serve our patients.

Impact: 850+ local clergy & caregivers

S.H. Academy

Kids' Clinic Renovation
The SHA Western Village free clinic serves the kids of SHA and the surrounding neighborhood – one of the most under-served areas in Oklahoma City. Since opening in 1998, the clinic has never been updated or improved. This project will update equipment and create a more comfortable environment.

Impact: 3,000 patients & families / yr

Women's Health

Dual Safety Project

  1. Funds a badging system in the neonatal ICU of IBMC to improve our patients’ and visitors’ safety.
  2. Funds a system-wide case management program to provide a safe sleep portable crib for patient families that do not have ideal sleeping arrangements for their newborns.

Impact: 1,000s of families / yr