Women's Health

INTEGRIS is the leading provider of Oklahoma women’s health services. We provide state-of-the-art technology and expertise with compassionate care to form the most comprehensive provider of women’s health in the state. Thousands of women trust INTEGRIS for their health needs annually. Starting in adolescence, women need to begin receiving specialized health care. When you select INTEGRIS for your women’s health services, you choose the largest and most respected health care provider in Oklahoma. 

Project Spotlight

Breast pumps will be added to each Mother Baby Room helping increase a mother's likelihood to breastfeed if a pump is accessible. Impact: up to 275 babies annually

For our moms, sisters & daughters. Make a gift to women's health.


So far, YOU&I funds have purchased 27 comfortable recliners for labor and delivery. Providing a relaxing space for tired daddies and expectant mothers gives a family the luxury deserved as they anticipate the arrival of their child. Impact: 180 moms-to-be annually

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