We believe passion changes everything

Find Your Passion

We believe something very special happens when a donor connects personal passion with a charitable project close to their heart. When this kind of perfect alignment occurs, magic happens, and lives are saved and changed forever.

Get to know INTEGRIS.  You'll find we're a far-reaching healthcare system housing a variety of specialities that are best-in-class in terms of their success, innovation, talent and compassionate care. 

But we didn't want our size to overwhelm that which is highly focused and highly personal.

In an effort to distill our core centers of excellence into relatable hubs for our donors, we have translated giving into user-friendly priorities centered around areas of passion allowing a donor's gift to achieve maximum impact.

Because at the end of the day, even though our hospitals accomplishments are quite complicated, affecting real change can actually be quite simple. This is our mission for your donor experience.

Our simple goal for you: direct a gift to your passion. See your impact there. Save lives. Feel good about giving. It's a pretty simple process yielding enduring rewards. This is the power of passion-centered philanthropy.