We believe in seeing impact with your own eyes.

We've gathered 24 high-need, high-impact projects spanning across INTEGRIS. 
All they need is your support to become a reality.



A Project Chosen by Employees

Even though many care areas are included in YOU&I, we inevitably may have missed some. Project: YOU&I seeks to fund needs in these areas. Following the YOU&I campaign, INTEGRIS Foundation will collect project ideas from across the system.  The project will be selected based upon greatest need by a committee of employees.

Impact: TBD by YOU!


Cardiac Monitor Station
A cardiac monitor station for the Burn Center acute care nursing station will enable nurses to monitor our telemetry patients in real time within the unit.

Impact: 100 patients annually

Children's Place

New Flooring & Equipment
This project will replace existing tile that is no longer able to be properly cleaned and will replace broken rocking chairs for children and nursing mothers. New sensory tables will provide children the opportunity to engage in activities that nurture problem solving skills.

Impact: more than 300 children and families


Online Training for Patients
The ability to offer real-time consultation and training materials will greatly reduce the workload of physician and nursing staff as well as better educate our
patient families.

Impact: 300 hopeful families


Comfortable Spaces
Updating the furniture at Hospice House will provide families of patients in end-of-life care more comfort in a time when they need it most.

Impact: 700 patients annually


Security Glass for Emergency Department Nurses Station
To increase employee security and ensure patient privacy, safety glass will be placed around the nurses station in the Emergency Department.

Impact: more than 2,000 patients annually

Pastoral Care

Clergy Training
By better equipping clergy with knowledge about healthcare issues such as dealing with chronic illness, death, grief, Alzheimer’s, transplant and medical ethics; they will be able to understand the needs of their parishioners facing these issues and provide better counseling and care.

Impact: more than 650 clergy annually

S.H. Academy

Walking Track & Playground Renovations
Renovation of the SHA outdoor area will provide a safe place for children and their families to enjoy outdoor activities. Adding new fitness stations, updated playground equipment, security cameras, picnic tables and a fresh fruit and vegetable program will improve the promotion of active lifestyles and family/community interaction.

Impact: 1,500 people annually

Women's Health

Labor & Delivery Newborn Warmer
Having an in-room infant warmer in all of our delivery rooms will allow babies to remain with their mothers and help reduce NICU admissions.

Impact: 2,900 babies annually

Care Coordination

Medical Equipment and Meds
Through the purchase of much needed medication and equipment, this project will allow us to improve the health of our most chronically ill patients in need as they transition out of the hospital and work toward being self-sufficient. (Benefits 5/50 patients at ISMC!)

Impact: 200 people


CPAP Machines
Providing CPAP machines for our patients who require them will add convenience and lessen the stress of having to haul around a cumbersome machine as well as increase patient satisfaction.

Impact: more than 100 patients annually


Nursery Infant Warmer & ER Chest Compression System
This critically needed equipment will greatly improve care for our tiniest patients as well as patients coming into the ER.

Impact: more than 1,000 patients annually

Men's Health

Community Clinic Expanded Hours
This funding will allow for a healthcare provider to triage minority men and offer consistent tests and screening that would normally only be available at our health
fairs held twice a year. It will help educate, support and medicate an at-risk population who does not visit a healthcare provider
on a regular basis.

Impact: 200 patients annually


Assistive Communication Devices
Assistive Communication Devices will allow late-stage ALS patients who can no longer speak the much desired ability to communicate with their loved ones.

Impact: 10 patients per device annually


Unique Hospital Gowns for Teens
These specially made gowns with teen-friendly colors and patterns will help provide our young patients with an opportunity to express their individuality.

Impact: 500 patients


Daily Living Equipment for Patients
This funding will provide equipment to assist indigent patients with activities of daily living. We hope to equip these patients with items such as canes, bedside commodes, shower chairs and more.

Impact: 100 patients annually


Ultrasound System for PICC Lines
This equipment will allow nurses to verify the placement and direction of a catheter during PICC line insertion reducing the chances of an adjustment or the placement of a new PICC line.

Impact: 200 patients annually


Lodging Assistance for Cancer Patients
This project will provide lodging assistance for our out-of-town patients, removing some of the burden they experience when traveling to receive cancer care.

Impact: up to 100 points


Update ICU Waiting Room
This project will provide the families of overnight and long-term care patients a comfortable, accommodating environment while their loved ones receive care.

Impact: 1,050 patient families


Telemetry System for Cardiac Rehab
This critical update allows us to wirelessly connect a patient's vital signs with our new electronic medical record system at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center.

Impact: 100 patients annually

Mental Health

Updating the Children's Unit
Replacing damaged flooring and adding calming wall murals for children who have suffered severe trauma will help reduce anxiety and fear for these children who have likely never been away from home.

Impact: 125 children annually


Pediatric High Fidelity Simulation Manikin
A Pediatric High Fidelity Simulation Manikin will ensure early recognition and appropriate response to impending pediatric emergencies as well as provide simulation drills to practice working effectively as a team.

Impact: 4,000 clinical providers and their patients


Trans-Sit Car Transfer Simulator
This innovative equipment will allow our clinical staff to practice safe car transfers with patients in a safe, controlled environment before they return home.

Impact: 1,500 patients annually


Education Room and Equipment
A new education room and multilingual education materials will provide an impactful, effective environment for our patients to learn about the transplant process.

Impact: 2,200 people annually