Everything you wanted to know about YOU&I (and more).

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We would love to talk with you! If you work in or nearby IBMC, please visit our YOU&I Campaign Office! We're located on the Concourse level of Bldg D, Just around the corner from the auditorium. Office opening soon!

gift@integrisok.com  /  405.951.5005

What is the YOU&I Campaign?

The INTEGRIS Foundation launches the annual system-wide Employee Giving Campaign, YOU&I, each February asking employees to consider a personal investment in their INTEGRIS passion. The campaign allows every member of the INTEGRIS family to help support our system’s mission and patients through personal financial contributions. YOU&I represents the meaningful difference philanthropy can make when a large group of supporters band their modest gifts together for an enduring purpose. These donors commit it’s not about them or INTEGRIS; it’s about YOU&I and what we can do together.

How to I receive a YOU&I T-shirt?

We've created a page dedicated to explaining the details of how to receive a YOU&I t-shirt, where to pick it up and when to wear it. Find it here.

Is participation in the YOU&I Campaign mandatory?

Of course not! Financial contributions are 100% voluntary and 100% appreciated.

When is the 2017 Campaign?

The YOU&I Campaign runs February 20 – March 10, 2017.
(however, if you are a 2016 campaign donor - we launch to you early on Feb. 13!)

How do I make a donation?

Payroll deduction provides the easiest way to contribute to YOU&I. You may also make a PPL donation. Online giving will be live in early 2016 through the following page. Or you may make a gift online via credit card here.

What is the deadline for making a gift?

You may contribute anytime of the year, but the official YOU&I campaign runs February 20 – March 10, 2017.

Where does my donation go?

You tell us! We strongly encourage you to donate to the area of your passion. In essence, you decide where you want to direct your support within INTEGRIS. The YOU&I Campaign was created to transparently demonstrate where your gift is directed and its tangible benefits. Learn more about each passion’s fundraising project and get inspired!

What if I can’t identify an area for which I am passionate?

For those who cannot identify an INTEGRIS passion, we encourage a gift to this year’s Project: YOU&I, which is a project that will fund an area of greatest need as determined by employees! Read more on the Find Your Passion page.

When do campaign payments begin and end?

Payroll deductions will begin the first pay period in July 2017 and end after 26 pay periods in June 2018. One-time payroll gifts will be deducted the first pay period in July 2017. PPL will be taken one time in full in July 2017.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Absolutely! 100% of your payroll deductions to the INTEGRIS Foundation are tax-deductible and stay within your passion. Because PPL donations are made pre-tax, tax rates are figured individually based on hourly rates per employee. All donors are encouraged to save their e-mail gift confirmation to serve as documentation of their initial pledge. In addition, you can reference your paystub to see your charitable deductions made throughout the course of the year.

How much should I give?

Only you can make that decision. Payroll deduction and PPL allow employees to make a stretch gift to support the campaign commensurate with their passion. Some employees choose to pledge a specific amount one-time while others opt to select an amount for a bi-weekly payroll deduction. This year when you make a gift of $5 per pay period or more, you will be eligible to receive a FREE YOU&I t-shirt. Read more on the T-shirt page.

I already give so much, why should I contribute financially?

The sacrifices you make for INTEGRIS are beyond measure. Still, making a voluntary philanthropic contribution is another way to strengthen our hospitals ensuring excellent care for future patients. It states loudly to our communities that together we are invested in YOU&I. And ultimately, giving feels good. You can feel good that your gift transparently goes to the project promised and see it in action annually.

Many organizations ask for my support, why should I give to INTEGRIS?

Giving back to INTEGRIS is unique for our employees, because it provides the opportunity for them to see philanthropy-in-action on the front lines of where they work every day. By making a gift to your own organization, you choose to become a vibrant part of the miracles happening around us. Each year, contributions from thousands of individuals support everything from pediatric programs to hospice care, providing us with the funding needed to be the best at what we do.

May I donate PPL?

Yes. The PPL donation is figured as # of Hours contributed x (Current Hourly Rate – Standard Tax Deduction as calculated on your W4) = Donation amount. PPL will be taken one time in full in July 2017.

I’d like to make a gift to more than one passion. Is that possible?

You betcha! We understand it’s sometimes hard to narrow your charitable focus to one area when we’re surrounded by so many worthy causes every day. We are proud to offer the opportunity to split your gift between two passions.

I don't have access to a computer at work. How can I make a gift?

Employees who do not have access to a work computer may make their gift via paper form. You can download the 2017 pledge form here. When you've completed the form, please email it to gift@integrisok.com or simply call us at 405.951.5005 and we can take your gift over the phone or make arrangements to pickup the form from you directly.

What happens if I leave INTEGRIS?

Our hope is that every donor fulfills his or her pledge. However, your pledge represents a moral rather than a legal commitment.

What is the INTEGRIS Foundation?

The INTEGRIS Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to raise, invest and disperse funds to support the programs greatest needs of the INTEGRIS system. The Foundation is able to provide funding to these institutions through private support secured through the philanthropy of patients, members of the community, employees, physicians, corporations and grants.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my gift or the campaign?

Please call the INTEGRIS Foundation at 405.951.5005 or email gift@integrisok.com.